The focus of this module is on networking, building positive relationships and mentoring.  In the current climate, it is becoming …

The focus of this module is on networking, building positive relationships and mentoring.  In the current climate, it is becoming increasingly easier to network and develop mentoring relationships. With tools such as social media and the extensive numbers of local and national events, our networks are able to expand on a larger scale than before.  Although many are aware of the benefits of networking, some may not know where to begin or how to network.  This unit will help the learners to understand what networking is, its benefits, how to network and where they can go. 

Learning Outcomes 

At the end of this unitparticipants will be able to: 
  • Identifywaysto network. 
  • Knowhowto utilise existing networks. 
  • Understandthebenefits of networking and mentoring relationships 
  • Understandtheroles of a mentor and how to maintain effective mentoring relationships 
  • Evaluatecurrentskill set for building mentoring relationships. 

Teaching Methods 

The materials were produced in order to be conducted in a face-to face training sessionbut can also be adapted to an online learning environment  As a facilitator of the moduleassessments are carried out with the participants of the training. These assessments include: 
  • Observations:whenfacilitating the modulefacilitators should observe the participants engagementlearning and understanding of the contentDuring activities, it is useful to observe the progress of each participant in order to provide additional support if needed be 
  • Discussions:discussionscan also offer a way of assessing the expectationsoutcomes and level of understanding in the group. Through discussionsparticipants can feedback on their experience of the module and also reflect on what they have learnt as a result of it. 
  • Activities: theseallowassessment through assessing the level of application of a skill to the task. Activities allow a participant to take part in a task and see how they would work through an issue or a scenario. Activities in this module also include roleplayswhich allow the direct application of the knowledge learnt in a simulated mentoring setting 
The teaching method of the content is through a presentation developed as part of the Women Making Waves project. The presentation can be accessed online by the facilitator but also the participants to engage extra learning and personal development. There are also case studies and videos shown to participants during the module to enhance learning. 

Course Curriculum

  • Unit 5: Theory 00:00:00
  • Unit 5: Activity 1 00:00:00
  • Unit 5: Activity 2 00:00:00
  • Unit 5: Activity 3 00:00:00
  • Unit 5: Activity 4 00:00:00

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