E-learning Platform

The Purpose of the platform

The Women Making Waves Platform aims to foster female leadership skills and strength and build double disadvantage women’s (NEET, migrant, disabled, in early career stages, women returning to work after a long absence or those pursuing a new career path) self-belief and confidence for employability. The training programme will aim to help their career progression

Women’s Confidence

Increasing women’s confidence, self-awareness, employability and leadership opportunities and helping to close the gender gap in such positions, by increasing and supporting female representation.

Strong Connections

Building closer connections between women seeking to develop their careers across Europe with a cross-border support system, and address social inclusion by helping double disadvantage women attain their professional goals.

Women's Needs

Identifying the needs of these women in relation to leadership training, aligned to business demands, in order to maximise their career opportunities and support their professional advancement.

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